Cafe 13 Brasov LogoCafé 13 has been in Brasov ever since we arrived, but we only recently started to go there.  Our son has been there quite a few times with friends.  They have usually had trouble getting a table.  To us it always appeared from the street to be more bar than restaurant.  What a mistake that has turned out to be.

We finally gave it a try when we were walking down Republicii and didn’t really want any of the places we walked by.  We wanted something different than what Pizza Roma and Pizza Strega were offering.  Then we noticed Café 13 had new furniture for their terrace.  The chairs are big and fluffy and look like they would weigh a ton.  We were surprised when we pulled them out to sit down and have a look over the menu.  They’re very comfortable and lightweight and there’s usually room to take a seat.

Cafe 13 Brasov Four Cheese Pasta
This is the pasta they used to serve. Greatly improved with the tortellini.

I usually order the four-cheese pasta because it’s available almost everywhere and if you can’t make that, then you’re probably in for a bad meal.  They have a four-cheese tortellini that is to die for.  It is the best I have had in Brasov, supplanting Delicio’s from the top spot.  It is very creamy and rich with really flavorful cheeses.  The tortellini is an excellent choice instead of the standard pasta used by most restaurants.

Cafe 13 Brasov Chicken Fingers and Fries
We have had the chicken fingers and fries. They were awesome!

There is also something not very common in Brasov on their menu.  They offer nachos.  We have tried nachos one other place in town (which is now closed) and they weren’t nachos.  Café 13 doesn’t have nachos as I know them, but they’re a lot closer than the other place was.  There are chips like you would expect, but the cheese isn’t on the chips.  You have to dip into a small container of a cold cheese mixed with spices.  The flavor is great, but it’s not nachos.  It’s more like chips and dip.

Cafe 13 Brasov Spaghetti
There were quite a few spaghetti dishes to choose from.


We have never sat inside.  So we will update once the terrace is closed and we sit inside.  The servers do a great job keeping the terrace clean.  They’re very attentive and notice when you need something.  They also do a great job keeping the beggars away most of the time.  They don’t tolerate them for a minute and the regular beggars know this and move along quickly.  They speak English fairly well.  We’ve had to repeat some things to make sure it’s understood, but that’s not uncommon.

We’ve eaten at Café 13 three or four times now and everything we have tried is excellent.  You have a front row seat to the people show on Republicii if you’re on the terrace.  It’s comfortable and clean.  We would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Cafe 13 Brasov Google Maps
Right on Republicii. Fairly easy to find.


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