Cafe Central Brasov flyerThere’s a little hole in the wall on the edge of the center that we go to all the time.  When I say little, I’m not exaggerating.  There are five tables and one of those only seats two.  There’s a big bench running down one side of the bar.  The tables are placed in front of the bench seat with chairs around them.  So even if you’re alone, you’ll feel like you’re part of the next table if you’re sitting there and a group shows up next to you.

It feels more like a bar than a coffee shop.  There are lots of high-end and mid-range liquors and very cheap beer.  There are two taps that are just for show.  They’ve never worked since I’ve been here.  People order coffee until late into the evening, but it’s usually empty earlier in the day.  There are dogs galore at this place.  Inside and out you can often find a dog hanging out.  At times it’s like a minefield of tails and legs to get through the bar.  I think my dog’s too big to take inside there, but I’ve taken her there once on the terrace and we had a good time.

There’s a single stall restroom that’s usually very clean.  If there’s any issue, I just tell the bartender and they take care of it right away.  Once they were out of paper towels and they couldn’t fix the problem at the time.  They were coming in the next day’s delivery, so he provided napkins for the time being.  The steps leading into the bar can be a bit slippery, so be prepared if you visit in winter.

Cafe Central Brasov summer terrace area
Here’s a typical summer night under the Brasov sign.

The smoking area is great in the summer.  There are tables outside set up all together to maximize seating.  Ashtrays are on the tables, but they aren’t cleaned up very often.  In the winter there’s a single table and ashtray outside.  I’ve cleaned it out myself because it’s so full.  It’s at a busy corner, so while you’re lost in conversation with friends you can find yourself in the way of people passing by.  There’s also a lot of vehicle traffic on the road right beside the bar.  It’s quite common to hear honking and yelling as people fight for the precious few parking spots near the center.

Cafe Central Brasov summer terrace area painting
Nice painting of a summer night at Cafe Central

Café Central has become a favorite stop for us.  All of the workers speak great English.  They even get most of the slang terms.  The lighting is bright enough to see, but not bright enough to blind you.  It helps create a comfortable, cozy environment.  You only have option of paying cash, but there’s an atm just down the street if you don’t plan ahead.  The prices are great and the crowd is very friendly and fun.  It’s a perfect spot for us to hang out for the evening!

Cafe Central Brasov Google map
Just down Strada Hirscher from Piata Sfatului you can find this hidden gem.



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