Dada Cafe Brasov logoDada Cafe is a neat little bar tucked away across from Piata Sfatului.  It’s down the same tunnel as The Square.  This is another smaller bar, but feels more open and bigger than some of the others feel to me.  I think it’s because it’s on street level, so it doesn’t feel as confined.  Drinks are reasonably priced and it’s a comfortable, friendly crowd most of the time.

We went to Dada a few times in the first month here.  Then it was for sale for a while and we didn’t go.  I’m not sure, but I think it’s on its third owner since we’ve been here.  I’ve returned three times in the last couple of weeks and I like the new feel of the bar.  There are now DJ events on the weekends and it’s more lively.  It lost some of the intimate vibe that I got from before, but it’s still quite comfortable.

Dada has always been very clean whenever I’ve gone there.  It has also been well stocked.  They have separate men’s and women’s rooms and both have been clean no matter what hour I’ve gone.  Even though they only have one toilet in each, there’s never been a line.

Dada Cafe Brasov Bench Seating Area
Here’s a picture of the bench seating, taken from outside.

The seating area is arranged a lot like Café Central, with the long bench style seating along one wall.  There are quite a few tables spread around the room giving adequate walkways wherever you need to go.  I’ve only seen a few people get coffees here, so I think of it more as a bar than a coffee shop.  Seems most people are in agreement from what they’re  ordering.  Like just about everywhere in Brasov, there’s free Wi-Fi provided.    Most of the times I’ve been recently there’s a dog that’s inside and they have clear signs showing that dogs are welcome.

Dada Cafe Brasov Front Door
Cats can come too!

The smoking area leaves a lot to be desired.  They have no outdoor seating that I’ve ever seen.  It’s possible they could set up a couple tables across the tunnel, but it would be awkward because the back door of Il Caminetto is right there.  Most of the time for smokers you get an ashtray on a window ledge.  Sometimes there’s a table across the tunnel with an ashtray.  I’ve never seen it full, so I would say they do a decent job cleaning up trash.

It’s more of an artsy/Bohemian kind of crowd usually.  There are drawing pads and colored pencils at a lot of the tables.  It’s not uncommon to see a group of people working on a drawing.  I would say that makes it less likely to strike up a conversation with the table next to you.  Most places we go; we make some new acquaintances or even friends.  That hasn’t happened at Dada, except for one of the bartenders.  All of the workers I’ve encountered have spoken great English.  So if art is your thing, or you have a group you want to spend time with, Dada could be right for you!

Dada Cafe Brasov Google Map
Located just across from Piata Sfatului down the tunnel on the right.


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