Review of Dei Frati

Dei Frati Brasov door logo
Dei Frati’s door sign

Dei Frati is a family run restaurant (from what I’m told) with fresh made pasta as their main attraction.  It is damn good fresh pasta, cooked to perfection.  They know what they’re doing.  We’ve eaten there about six times and it’s generally been a good experience.  Go early to ensure you get a table because they fill up and there’s not a lot of room inside.  We had to wait multiple times when we went.  It can get hot inside if you’re at the tables by the kitchen.  In the summer you do have the option of terrace seating, which also fills up.  They’re pet friendly inside and out, so feel free to bring your pooch 🙂

Dei Frati Brasov Summer terrace
Typical summer day at Dei Frati

The restaurant is set up well with their limited space.  They maximize room without making you feel cramped.  The exception is if you get the table that’s kind of blocking the entrance to the restrooms.  I’ve sat there a few times and I always feel like I’m in the way of whoever needs to pass by.  I don’t know if I actually am, but I feel that way and it makes the meal less comfortable.  When sitting outside it can feel as though you’re dining with all of Brasov.  People passing by are looking at what you’re having and some will even stop to talk.  It has been a pleasant experience for us, but others may not enjoy that.

While it’s been a nice place for lunch or a quick dinner, there have been some minor issues in the times we’ve gone there.  When they changed the menu, they strictly adhered to the changes.  When I asked for something they used to have I was told it was impossible to make it.  I don’t know if it was actually impossible or if they just didn’t want to accommodate who they possibly viewed as a tourist.  Even though I recognize many servers, I don’t think they recognize me most of the time.

Another minor issue we had was that the older waitress doesn’t speak English.  The good news is that the younger ones do.  So you can get by with only English based on your server or she’ll pass you off to one of the others.  I was a little disappointed that she didn’t even give me a chance to try my fledgling Romanian.  I felt confident enough to order, but didn’t get the opportunity.

The biggest issue we faced there kept us from going back for quite a while.  One of the servers went to the bathroom and didn’t wash her hands.  She came out of the bathroom and just walked right by me while I was washing my hands.  It really grossed me out and thankfully I had finished my food by that point, but really not okay.  I’ve been back since and haven’t observed anything like that again, so maybe it was a one-off thing, but I would be curious if anyone else has seen anything like that there.

Dei Frati Brasov wine and meal
Beautiful meal

So outside of a few minor incidents and one bigger one, it’s been a great place to eat and hang out. As with most places in Romania you can linger at your table for as long as you like after the meal is over.  I usually hang out talking with friends and drink a beer or two.  Great experience, nice location, who could ask for more?

Dei Frati Brasov Google map
Dei Frati’s location on Piata Enescu
Wait time
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