Dodo Pizza Brasov logoWe have ordered delivery from Dodo Pizza about ten times.  They are our fallback whenever we don’t know what we want or where to go and don’t have time to wait on Pizza Delicio.  The pizza is usually pretty good.  The pepperoni pizza can be a bit greasy at times, but nothing that can’t be handled with a paper towel.  They have two locations in Brasov and I’ve never visited either.  The deliveries come from the location on Bulevardul Garii.

It’s very easy to order online.  There isn’t an option for an English site, but every item on their menu has a representative picture.  When you click on the small picture on the menu, a larger picture opens up and has information such as calories, size, etc.  You set up an account at and order away.  There is even an option to pay online with a credit card, so it’s a great option if you don’t have enough cash handy.  There are no phone calls involved, unless the delivery driver has trouble finding your address, so this is the easiest ordering system for English speakers I’ve found in Brasov.

Dodo Pizza Brasov pepperoni pizza
Typical pepperoni pizza from Dodo.

One really neat feature of ordering online from Dodo is that they have cameras in the kitchen.  So once you order you can watch them make it.  There’s even a bar at the top that shows where your pizza is in the process of being at your doorstep.  The absolute best part of ordering from Dodo is their delivery guarantee.  They promise to deliver within 45 minutes or you get a certificate for a free pizza.  They have failed to make it to my house in under 45 minutes three times.  Only one of those times did it take more than an hour.

Most of the delivery drivers that have shown up here speak at least adequate English.  There was only once where the driver didn’t speak any at all.  The drivers have been pleasant, no matter the conditions they faced to get here.  We’ve ordered from them in pretty bad storms and the guys have been nice when they arrive.

Dodo Pizza Brasov French fries delivery
The french fries are good.

Overall, the food is okay.  We’ve tried a few different pizzas, French fries, dodsteres, and even dessert.  The dodstere is usually great.  It’s mozzarella, chicken, tomatoes, and ranch dressing all rolled up in a tortilla and cooked in the oven.  I have been disappointed when I order four that a lot of times there will be a couple of them that are shorter.  Consistency is important.  For English speakers, I can’t think of any delivery that’s easier than this.  Good food delivered hot and quick.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Dodo Pizza Brasov Google maps
Dodo’s location on Bulevardul Garii.


    • We never expected anyone to speak English when we moved here. It’s an added bonus that we’re very appreciative of. I have seen people from many different countries come on vacation and they have to use something to communicate and English seems to be preferred. That’s why I thought it could be helpful if I gave my take on where people could have more success.


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