Domino's Pizza Brasov LogoIt took us a while to order from Domino’s Pizza.  In general, the expectations for an American franchise in Brasov are unrealistic.  We have our memories and expectations for how these things will taste and they rarely come close, but Domino’s has almost nailed it.  The crust is nearly how we remember from the US.  The cheese is exactly as we remember.  The pepperoni isn’t the same and that takes something away.  It’s a greasier, spicier pepperoni than you get in the US.  It did make us sick once.  It was way greasier than usual and didn’t sit right.  That occasionally happens with most pizza places here though.

There are also more traditional Romanian style pizzas that we haven’t tried yet.  We still can’t come to grips with corn on our pizza.  There is also a good selection of salads and a lot of different types of chicken if you’re not in the mood for pizza.  The chicken options look good, even though we haven’t tried them yet.  We have tried the Cinnastix, which were just like they were in the US.

Domino's Pizza Brasov Selection
Here’s a nice sampling of what they offer.

The online ordering system is perfect.  It even has an English option that functions exactly as the Romanian site does.  There aren’t any weird translations that I saw.  You can pay with a card if you want to, and it’s all so simple.  The only oddity was in selecting a delivery location.  My street isn’t recognized by their system.  The surrounding streets are there, but not mine.  So I chose a nearby address and put in the comments to deliver to my house.  I sent a friend to wait at the other address to cover our bases.  They delivered to my house.  I have to put it in the comments each time, and the delivery driver usually calls when he’s a few minutes away to clarify where I want it delivered.

Domino’s is hands-down the fastest delivery we’ve encountered in Brasov.  They usually deliver within 30 minutes.  The longest delivery time we’ve had was around 40 minutes.  You do pay for the convenience though.  Domino’s is a little more expensive than places like Dodo or Delicio.  I think it’s worth a try for the authentic American flavors though.  The pizza is always delivered hot.  They have a good selection, and it’s easy to order.  So next time you’re in the mood for pizza, give Domino’s a try.

Domino's Pizza Brasov Romania Google Map
They’re located on Strada Lunga if you want to do carry out.


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