Ever since Gratar Urban opened, there’s been a buzz around the place.  People talk it up with their friends.  There are a lot of visitors to Brasov with blogs that say it’s great, too.  We hear it suggested a lot as the best place for a burger in not just the center, but the city.  When there’s that much hype around a place, we prepare to be let down because there’s no way it can live up to its billing.  We didn’t go to Gratar Urban for a long time because we didn’t want to be let down and we wanted them to settle into their groove.

We finally caved in to pressure from some friends and went for a burger.  They had some very unusual options on the menu.  We could see how the flavors should work together, but were skeptical.  We decided to give the goat cheese and blueberry burger a try.  I had to ask for more sauce, which was excellent.  The overall burger wasn’t as special as everyone made it out to be, but it wasn’t bad.

They don’t have fries on the menu.  They have a very interesting potato dish though.  It’s like a potato that’s been turned into one big potato chip-like thing.  If it were served hot, we think it would be better.  They say that it’s impossible to serve hot, but we’ve noted that it sits on the counter getting cold.

The presentation really turned us off mainly because of how much everything costs.  It felt like we were at a college keg party instead of a restaurant.  Everything they use is disposable, except for the flat piece of wood that everything’s served on.  We were served beer in a plastic cup.  The potato chip was in a paper basket.  The utensils were plastic.  It’s not a good look for a seemingly successful restaurant.  Investing in some dishware would make it nicer.

The restaurant is very clean.  The seating is along a series of small halls and rooms, but you don’t really feel like you’re in the way of people coming by.  They have a great terrace, which fills up often.  Sometimes you’ll have to wait on others to finish or sit inside.  We prefer to sit outside.  Our friend brought his dog and it was welcomed outside.  We’re not sure if they allow dogs inside or not.

We have both felt sick after eating there.  I got food poisoning the first time we went.  I believe it was the beer, not the food.  It didn’t seem like a lot of people ordered beer there.  I thought the taste was off because of the plastic cup, but the results proved otherwise.  The second time we went, we both felt queasy for the rest of the night.  We have talked with others who have had the same problem.  We have also talked with a lot of others who have never had a problem.

According to most reviews you can find online, Gratar Urban is tops for burgers in Brasov.  We can’t agree as we’ve had way better from The Hockey Pub, Terroirs, and Kido’s, just to name a few off the top of my head.  The waiter spoke English well, so tourists can give it a try without worry.  We think you should try it for yourself and hope you’ll let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. This place only heats up frozen burgers patties. Once I went there with friends and the meat was poor in quality. It was really chewy and seemed like low quality meat.

    At the end of the meal the waiter/owner came by and asked how everything was. One person in our party who only ate half of his burger mentioned that the burger wasn’t very good and that it was chewy. The owner said, “yeah, our supplier didn’t give us good meat”

    We were all a bit shocked that the owner (1) already knew of the problem and (2) continued to serve low quality food despite knowing.

    It just goes to show how poorly managed this restaurant is. It will survive during the summer months when there are just going to be a bunch of first-time visitors. But it’s no surprise to walk by in the non-touristy season and see that nobody is eating there during lunchtime.

    Oh, and they also don’t serve ketchup.

    • They already survived this first Winter. When they closed a few weeks ago for remodeling, I thought that might be it. To my surprise, they are the first place in town that has reopened after closing for a remodel (since we’ve been here). A lot of people swear it’s the best, so only time will tell.

    • It definitely stayed in the back of my mind. I was very worried after I wasn’t feeling well the second time we went. I doubt we’ll ever go back, but you never know. If they make some changes and I hear about it, maybe we’ll give it another go.


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