We’ve visited Kido’s quite a few times since they opened.  A friend of ours was the chef there and invited us, so we happily went.  It was not easy to find.  There were no signs and a confusing address.  The street address is on Iuliu Maniu, but the restaurant is around the corner on Vlad Tepes.  So when we went to the address on Google, we were on the wrong street.  It’s not easy to find unless you know where it is.  The signage hasn’t improved much, but at least there’s an awning now that says Kido’s.  It’s very small writing that kind of blends in to the rest of the words.

The food is excellent.  Especially when you factor in the cost.  It’s a great, cheap meal.  I’ve mostly had burgers there and while they’re not the best in the city, they are the best value.  Freshly ground beef on a freshly made bun, and fries that are cooked in front of you for 14 lei.  I can’t imagine a better bargain in the city.

They have a lot on the menu for such a small place. You can get anything from salads to Chinese food.  We’ve tried salads and some chicken sandwiches which were both good.  There’s a large selection of freshly squeezed juices, but I always go for a cold beer.  They also offer different types of sodas and coffee.

There are only about 4-5 places to sit and eat.  It’s more designed as a takeaway place.  Even with all the foot traffic in and out, the restaurant is spotless.  Any mud or sludge brought in the door is immediately cleaned up.  They’re happy to have you visit, and everyone who works there is very friendly.  English is a non-factor since the owner was a shipping boat captain and everyone communicated in English.  The chef was from Canada and his wife lived there for many, many years before they returned to Brasov.  The Canadian and his wife hava moved on and I haven’t visited since, but the owner is still there.  So they have top-notch English for the tourist crowd.

One of the biggest downsides for us are the hours.  They have a good portion of their orders in catering, so they get there early.  They are open from 1000 – 1800.  We always felt rushed to get there before closing and often times give up and choose somewhere else.  That they’re not in the center is also a factor since we’re traveling quite a ways just to visit there.  If we lived in a different part of the city it would be more convenient.

Kido’s is close enough to the center that it’s worth a visit.  It won’t take tourists too far out of their way for a great bargain meal.  We would recommend lunch there.  That way you’re not pressed by closing hours or anyone stopping in to pick up dinner.  It’s worth veering a little off the beaten path for a good cheap meal.  Give them a try!


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