La Barberia Brasov LogoJust a few doors down from Shake Coffee and right next door to Home Cocktail Bar on Strada Sfantul Ioan, you can see the traditional barber pole of La Barberia.  After a year and a half of getting my hair cut and beard trimmed at The Den Barbershop, I decided to give La Barberia a try.  I had let my hair and beard grow out for a little while, so they had a lot to work with.  I just walked in off the street and was able to get an appointment for thirty minutes later.

I immediately missed The Den because I couldn’t grab a beer at La Barberia while I waited.  Instead, I went next door to Home and grabbed one there.  The wait time turned out to be way less than expected.  It was about five minutes, so I had just got a beer and sat down and it was time to get my hair cut.  Luckily all the business owners and workers know each other on the street and I was able to take my beer with me.  They should consider an arrangement with Home because when I walked in with a beer the guy getting his hair cut in the next chair asked where I got it.

La Barberia Brasov Entry
Here’s the storefront with the barber poles.

La Barberia is bigger than I originally thought.  I thought there were just the chairs you can see from the street.  I got my hair cut in the back part of barbershop which has an additional two chairs.  I was a little nervous because I have never been anywhere else in town for a cut.  The barber was younger and very talkative, which helped to put me at ease.

He started by cutting most of my hair and blended it with the sideburns/beard.  Then he worked on the beard itself.  This is where the experience was a lot different than I was used to.  He put some shave gel on me and then got his straight razor out.  I thought I would be very nervous for this part.  It turned out to be quick, easy, and I ended up with a smoother shave than I’ve ever had.  It was a very cool experience.  Then he finished cutting and styled my hair.

It was very clean inside, but unbelievably hot.  It may have just been the day that I went, but investing in an air conditioner seems like it would be wise.  Even though there were five barbers cutting hair, I never saw anyone sweep.  I also didn’t see any hair on the floor, so someone’s doing a good job of cleaning and not being conspicuous about it.

My barber was excellent with English.  The manager spoke English quite well.  I would guess that you could call and the odds are that you would get an English speaker on the phone.  There is no online appointment booking system available through their website.  So, the only way to get an appointment would be to call or walk in.

It was a nice experience and their location is very convenient.   The service was really good.  I liked the feel and cleanliness of La Barberia.  They have very good English, so tourists can give them a try without worrying.

La Barberia Brasov Romania Google Map
They’re located just off Republicii on Sfantul Ioan.
Appointment System
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