Mega Image eMag page Brasov RomaniaThis is a different twist on things, but since we order from them so much, I decided to review Mega Image.  Ever since I discovered this about a year ago, I’ve ordered twice a month.  So I’ve had a lot of experience to draw on for this post.

We don’t have or want a car here.  Who needs that kind of responsibility?  The bus system is great here, unless you’re doing a lot of shopping.  Then it can be somewhat of a pain to haul all your stuff home.  So instead of doing that, I discovered the supermarket on eMAG.  It has the same selection as they have in our local stores, except it’s delivered to our front door.  It’s great for heavy things like 2.5 liter drinks, 5 liter waters, etc.  It’s also great for bulky items like toilet paper.  That I don’t have to wrestle with space on a bus and take up more room is priceless.  The only downside is that no perishable items are available.  So we still go to the market or smaller shops in our area for those items.

Mega Image eMag page Brasov Romania items
A typical item list page on eMAG.

You have to order online.  There is no option for an English site.  But if you’ve got some basic Romanian language down you should have no trouble.  You can use Google Translate at your leisure to figure out what things are.  All of the items have pictures.  A lot of the items even have English on the label if you open up the bigger picture.  You’ll have to set up an account.  There is the option to either pay the total to the delivery driver upon delivery, or pay with a credit card online.  I’ve paid with both US and Romanian credit cards with no problem.

Mega Image eMag Brasov repeat order
The reorder page if you want to repeat a previous order.

You get to choose your delivery date.  The delivery windows are the standard Romanian 0900-1700, but at least you choose the day.  There have been a couple times that the delivery didn’t show on the day it was scheduled.  So that amounts to a wasted day for me.  Most of the time next day delivery is available.  I usually choose Saturday delivery because the window is smaller so I’m not stuck home all day waiting.  My local delivery trucks usually also come earlier on Saturday than any other day of the week, so double win!  The delivery drivers usually speak adequate English for the delivery.  They’ll call sometimes and we don’t exactly understand each other, but we get the job done.

Mega Image eMag Brasov delivery boxes
Our typical eMAG delivery

They package the items very well.  They use boxes lined with bubble wrap.  With glass bottles, they’ll wrap them in this fishnet style foam padding.  I’ve never had anything break.  The large liquids ship separately, so there’s no chance of them breaking and ruining your other items.  I’ve only had a problem with them choosing to substitute items a few times.  They switched out a couple of our tissue boxes once and that’s an issue for us since my wife is allergic to the ones they put in the order.  The other thing they swapped was a completely different bag of chips.  I don’t know if that was on purpose or not.  So something to keep an eye on if you use this service.

Mega Image eMag Brasov delivery items

Sometimes I feel crowded or rushed at grocery stores here.  Like I’m in the way if I’m reading labels too long or trying to figure out what something is.  Using eMAG eliminates that.  We’ve ordered some things just to see what they are.  We’re usually pleasantly surprised when they show up, other times they’re useless to us 🙂  I have discovered a lot more available here than I originally thought.  When we first arrived we had a lot more trouble finding things we were used to in the US.  Given the time to look online, I’ve discovered a lot.  So I would highly recommend this.  Take your time, look around and see how delivery works in your neighborhood.



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