Opus 9 Brasov Logo
The Opus 9 logo on the front of the location.

Opus 9 is in a great location right on Piata Enescu.  It’s just down from Trattorian and around the corner from Bistro de l’Arte.  It started life as Foldo, which I think fit better with the decor.  Most of the inside furniture is made from cardboard.  Even the light fixtures are cardboard.  It looks a lot better than it sounds.  They actually made cardboard look fancy.  They also had a website where you could purchase any of the items you liked.

Opus 9 Brasov Lights and ceiling
Here’s an example of some of the cool lights.

The seating is shaped a bit awkward for my liking.  I understand the physics of the chairs kind of dictate the shape to support people, but if you need back support, you’re better off sitting outside.  The furniture has held up fairly well for being in a commercial setting.  You can see where people have hit the table legs frequently and the sides of chairs have some missing chunks where it seems people have miss-stepped.  I accidentally kicked the base of the table quite a few times because the bottom is a bit larger than you expect.  I’m curious to see how long these hold up before they need to be replaced.

I think the owner was our bartender last time we went.  He speaks English extremely well.  The servers I had in summer also spoke English quite well.  They are also very attentive.  They usually notice things like your drink getting empty.  That seems to be quite rare in Brasov.  I usually have to flag down a server and most of the time at Opus 9 they ask if I want another.  They also take great care of trash and empty bottles.  The ashtrays have never overflowed while I’ve been there.  The floors and bathrooms are clean too.  There seems to be a pride in the workers there that often missing most places.

Opus 9 Brasov main room and terrace
This is a small area of the terrace, some inside seating, and the entry way.

One of the highlights of a visit to Opus 9 for me is the terrace.  There are a lot of tables and comfortable seating.  During the winter, there are still a few tables outside that double as the smoking area.  Again, they pay attention and replace the ashtrays frequently.  I’ve been there many times with dogs.  We’ve had dogs inside and out, so dogs are definitely welcomed.  The only issue I’ve had here was during the summer and there was a huge table full of people vaping.  They were blowing massive clouds of scented smoke.  It basically smoked us out of the place.

We really like the feel here.  The lighting and atmosphere are great for either coffee or a few beers.  Prices are reasonable and they have a good selection of drinks, beers, and liquor.  The staff is friendly and engaging.  It’s very clean and nice.  It’s a nice place to let time get away from you.

Opus 9 Brasov Google Map
Opus 9 is located right on Piata Enescu.


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