Pizza Delicio Brasov logoWe have ordered delivery from Pizza Delicio about eight times.  The four cheese pasta is possibly my favorite in Brasov.  Even if I’m in the mood for pizza, I’ll order a pasta for the next day because it’s too good to pass up.  They also have sandwiches, salads, and desserts.  The pizza is sometimes good, but can occasionally get a bit burnt on the bottom.  The last pizza we ordered from them was so mushy that we couldn’t eat more than a few pieces.  They have what looks like a very nice restaurant.  I’ve never personally been there, but the pictures make it look great.

Pizza Delicio Brasov restaurant
The restaurant looks beautiful.

It’s easy to order online if you know some basic Romanian.  There are no pictures and no option for an English site.  You set up an account at then select Brasov and click on what you want.  There is no option to pay online yet, so have cash handy.  After a short time, they will call you to confirm your order.  The person calling frequently doesn’t know English and will have to get an English speaker on the phone for you.  So their site isn’t as good as Dodo’s and they could learn a trick or two to make ordering easier and more comfortable for visitors and expats.

Pizza Delicio Brasov pizza
Typical pizza from Delicio.

It’s best to know you want Delicio at least two hours before you do.  Their delivery times are pretty long.  I’ve only had it once in under two hours and they usually give a delivery time over two hours.  We will order this at Café Central with our friends and know that we’ll have to drink for hours before it’s delivered.  It’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make 🙂 I don’t know how many deliveries they make each day, but they could benefit from hiring just one more driver and bringing their delivery times down.

Once the pizza and whatever else you order shows up, you’ll have a crapshoot on whether or not your delivery driver speaks English.  Most of the time the drivers don’t speak any.  Sometimes they learned from video games so they’re pretty good.  Occasionally you’ll get a driver that speaks excellent English.

Pizza Delicio Brasov delivery pizza
Pretty standard looking delivery from Delicio.

Overall, it’s really good food.  They have some issues with ordering in English that could be resolved with a website update or upgrade.  Delivery time is the worst I’ve seen in Brasov.  There’s a lot of room for improvement there.  All the negatives are frequently outweighed by how good the food is though.  So if you’ve got the time, Delicio is definitely worth a shot!

Pizza Delicio Brasov Google maps
Pizza Delcio’s location. Now I know where my food comes from 🙂



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