Pizza Hut Logo BrasovWe have had pizza delivered from Pizza Hut a couple of times.  One of the few things we miss from the US is Pizza Hut’s pan crust pizza.  It’s so buttery and crisp.  After ordering from Pizza Hut in Brasov, we’re still missing it.  They’re in the same ballpark, but they’re quite a ways off-base.  The crust is way too doughy.  It’s got a cake-like texture to it.  It’s so thick and filling that we can’t enjoy the toppings.  It also wasn’t as crisp as we recall.  The buttery flavor was there, but not the crispness.

They have a pretty varied menu.  Of course there are a lot of different types of pizzas to choose from. You can also try pastas, which I did once.  It was a disappointment.  It showed up crushed, which is what I thought the problem would be.  There was such a thin layer of pasta in the tray that it wasn’t affected.  I opted for the quattro fromaggi pasta, which just tasted bland.  If they used four cheeses, they were four types of flavorless cheese.  I felt it was way overpriced for what I received.

The salads look nice, but we don’t order from Pizza Hut to get salad.  There are a lot of interesting options besides salads though.  They have things that I haven’t seen many places in Brasov.  There are quesadillas, which aren’t very common here.  There are also some stuffed mushrooms that look excellent.  We haven’t tried them yet, but we will have to give it a try in the future.

Pizza Hut Stuffed Mushrooms Brasov
These look great. We have to give them a try.

The online ordering system is in Romanian.  There’s not an English option, but there are pictures of all the items available.  We think it’s pretty intuitive, even if someone doesn’t know any Romanian.  You can call for delivery, but it’s a centralized order system for the entire country.  The person answering will most likely speak English, but it’s not guaranteed.  The problem I have had with this system is that the person we had (a Romanian friend ordered) didn’t know Brasov.  So even though my friend passed on the address of café central perfectly, she couldn’t find it on her map.  When he tried to explain where we were, she didn’t know any of the landmarks, not even Piata Sfatului.  So for that reason, we recommend going with the online ordering system over calling.

Pizza Hut Coresi Location Brasov
Here’s the Coresi location.

Pizza Hut delivers quite quickly.  Not as fast as Domino’s, but usually quicker than Dodo.  It’s usually between 35-40 minutes.  It looks like all deliveries come from the Carrefour location.  They deliver on these little scooters that make great time through the city, so it doesn’t seem to affect delivery time.  The delivery drivers we’ve had were okay with using English.

We would recommend giving Pizza Hut a try.  If you’re familiar with the pan crust from the US, then expect differences with the pan crust here.  There’s enough on the menu to offer up some interesting choices.  We want to try some of those options as well as a different kind of crust for pizza.  It’s worth a shot if you’re in the mood for pizza or something you don’t usually see around Brasov.

Pizza Hut Carrefour Brasov Google Map
The deliver location is a ways out, but they get to wherever you are fast.


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