Pizza Roma Piata Sfatului Brasov LogoEver since we’ve arrived, we’ve been drawn to Pizza Roma.  It’s right on Piata Sfatului and offers great views, especially if you get the table by the window.  If there’s not a table in the front dining area, I can’t recommend sitting in the rear dining area. We sat there once and the server rarely came around.  But it was more the feel than the service that I didn’t like.  It felt like I was being punished so I won’t sit there again.

You do pay for the location.  The prices at Pizza Roma are a bit higher than other, better places.  It’s not as good as Dei Frati for pasta, but it’s not as bad as other places.  The pizza is good, but not as good as Stradivari.  So, it’s an adequate meal in a great location.

Pizza Roma Piata Sfatului Brasov Main Dining Area
Here’s the main dining area and bar.

During summer the massive terrace is great and puts you right in the middle of the action.  The servers pay more attention when you’re on the terrace.  Another bonus to their terrace is that they control the beggars that inevitably come by whenever you sit outside.  I’ve seen other places turn a blind eye.  The servers notice almost immediately whenever their customers are being bothered and come tell the beggars to move along.

Pizza Roma Piata Sfatului Brasov Terrace Dining Area
Here’s the terrace in Spring. Lots of seating that will be covered in Summer.

Inside has been hit or miss with service lately.  It seems it was better when we went frequently after arriving in Brasov.  We’ve gone twice recently and had a great experience with the guy that served us last time.  The girl before seemed like she took a while to notice us, and then forgot about us.  We had menus after about 4-5 minutes of sitting and waiting.  She brought drinks and then we didn’t see her until she brought food, and then never again.  In her defense, about 20 people came in as a group and went to the back room and she seemed like the only server on duty.  We got our check from the bartender.

Unlike Dei Frati, where it seems you need a reservation these days, we’ve never had to wait for a table.  Outside of the one instance of sitting in the back room, there’s been room in the main dining area and there’s always room outside during the summer.  All areas of the restaurant are kept clean, inside and out.  Finding the bathrooms can be a bit of an adventure if you’re not used to older Brasov buildings.  Once you go down the stairs and around the corner, you’ll find a nice, clean bathroom.  The odd part is how tall the toilets are.  They’re quite high compared to what you’re probably used to.

Pizza Roma Piata Sfatului Brasov Main Dining Area Looking Out
View from the bar area. Looks out onto the main dining area and the covered terrace.

Everyone I’ve encountered at Pizza Roma speaks English.  You would expect this from a place right on the square.  There have been some mix-ups using English though.  Two times I’ve been brought a Quattro fromaggi pizza when I ordered pasta.  I’ve learned it’s best to specify what you want first, then the kind of thing second.  So now I say “Pasta, Quattro fromaggi” and there haven’t been any mix-ups.

I think everyone should try out Pizza Roma at least once.  It’s a bit more expensive, but worth it if anything is happening in the square.  They prepare food quickly.  The outdoor dining experience is top notch.  It’s clean and comfortable.  All these factors make it worth a try in our book!

Pizza Roma Piata Sfatului Brasov Google Map
It’s right in on Piata Sfatului! Great views.


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