The Den Barbershop Brasov LogoThe Den is conveniently located on Strada Castelului, right across the street from Cafe Central.  It’s at the end of Strada Apollonia Hirscher if you’re coming from Piata Sfatului.  I really like The Den.  It’s a very interesting, cool concept.  This is not your typical barber shop; not in the US and definitely not in Romania. This is the only barber shop I’ve been to in Brasov, but my friends tell me many stories of the places they have gone in the past.  They don’t paint a pretty picture.  I’m going to try to limit this review to the haircut side, but there will likely be some comments about the bar side, which will receive a full review in the future.

The concept for The Den is that it’s a kind of combination place.  They’ve got the haircut side and they’ve got the bar/coffee shop side.  I’ve brought a lot of my friends to The Den and generally, they’re impressed.  They think it’s a bit weird that there’s a bar in there, but it works.  There have been some growing pains with the concept as they try to figure out how to make both sides of the business work together.  It’s nothing that affects the customers.

The one constant has been the barber.  She is amazing.  She was trained in the US.  There was another barber there for a time and his English wasn’t very good.  I struggled to convey what I wanted to him and I didn’t get a very good cut that time.  That has never happened with the regular barber.  She’s also fluent in Romanian, and everyone seems very happy with their hair and beards when she’s done.  They’re especially happy and impressed if they get a shampoo and the warm towel face wrap.

The Den Barbershop Brasov Haircutting area
The haircut area with the tv between the mirrors.

Everything at The Den is very clean.  The entrance is down a covered tunnel which helps eliminate customers dragging snow and ice inside.  The floors are swept immediately after all haircuts.  There is a single toilet for all customers.  I’ve never seen it dirty.  The only issue is there is a towel that hangs in there for everyone to use after they wash their hands.  It could be better if there were paper towels or even a hand dryer.

The English spoken at The Den is second to none.  The reason for that is that this is an American owned business.  They truly understand when you tell them things.  There’s never confusion, which is greatly appreciated as a customer.  The owners have been here for many years and are also fluent in Romanian.  There’s usually one other person who works there as a manager/bartender/everything else.  That person has usually been a Romanian that speaks English quite well.

The Den Barbershop Brasov flag and windows
View out of the windows in the bar area.

One of the cool features of The Den is that you can book appointments online through Facebook.  It’s a simple process and easily understandable.  The site is in English, so no problems or translations required.  You can also message them on Facebook messenger to see if they can squeeze you in if you’re nearby and in need of a haircut.  They are very responsive to messages and make it all as easy as possible.

So, if you’re looking for a great haircut, beard trim, top-notch service, and friendly staff then The Den is perfect.  Try their easy to use appointment system and you won’t be disappointed.

The Den Barbershop Brasov Romania Google Map
Here’s their location.


  1. Sounds great brother. I’m African-American and finding it hard to find a barber for my hairstyle. Should I try these guys?

    • Yeah, you should absolutely give them a try! They’re nice and very understanding. She’ll try to give you exactly what you want. Once you explain it, I’m sure she can do it.


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