The Hockey Pub Brasov flyerThe Hockey Pub is one of the first places we chose to go when we arrived in Brasov, and we’ve been back four times since.  If you bring American standards to a Romanian restaurant, most of the time you’ll be disappointed or put off by something.  But here, I had a burger with blue cheese that could be on Red Robin’s menu.  The fries that come with the burger are more home style and the dipping sauce they provide is excellent.  A little more consistency on the size of the fries would allow them all to cook perfectly.  Sometimes you’ll get a potato chunk that isn’t cooked crispy because it’s too large.

We’ve tried pasta, different types of burgers, and salad here.  The pasta was cooked perfectly and the salad was great.  I loved the blue cheese burger.  My wife got a surprise when her cheeseburger came out.  They don’t put the cheese on the burger like in the US.  They melt the cheese on top of the bun.  We’ve learned that this is common in Brasov.  I don’t know about the rest of Romania or Europe, but around here you should specify where you want the cheese if you don’t want to have to use a fork and knife to eat a cheeseburger.

The Hockey Pub Brasov summer terrace
The summer terrace looks great!

There is seating on the terrace during summer that looks very nice.  I’ve never sat there, or even seen anyone sitting there.  It’s kind of enclosed by the surrounding buildings, so I don’t know how much sunlight it gets.  I’ve always enjoyed the feel downstairs, so I always choose to sit there.  Downstairs can be a little problematic if you’re tall and you don’t choose the correct booth or the correct side of the booth.  I let a shorter friend choose where to sit last time and I had to keep my head cocked to the side to keep from bumping it on the ceiling continuously.  There’s a lot of room and we’ve never had to wait for a table.  I’ve never seen anyone bring a dog to the restaurant.  I’ve never tried to take my dog either since she’s older and has some issues with stairs.  So if you plan to bring your dog, call ahead to make sure it’s okay.

The Hockey Pub Brasov interior with Heineken wall
The downstairs is comfortable and cozy.

Every server we’ve had spoke great English.  I’ve never experienced a mix-up with anything special I’ve asked for.  They are some of the best I’ve come across in Brasov.  They also pay attention to cleanliness.  Everything from the stairs to the dining room and bathrooms always looks great.  It is a very nice, clean, and comfortable place.

There is a pub quiz every Tuesday night at eight.  I’ve heard that it’s in English, but I don’t know for sure.  I was there on a Tuesday and people started to come in for the quiz, but it never got underway while I was there.  If it is in English, then it could be a good way to make new friends for your time in Brasov.

The Hockey Pub Brasov burger and fries
Burger and fries from The Hockey Pub.

The food is great most of the time.  In addition to the potato issue I mentioned earlier, the burger has been inconsistent.  Among expats The Hockey Pub had a reputation as the go-to place for burgers.  I’ve had the burger four times in person and got it takeaway once.  Three times it was great.  The other two it was very bland.  I don’t know if this is the result of two different cooks.  There needs to be more consistency from the kitchen.  If they had that then this could be the best place in town!

The Hockey Pub Brasov Google map
The Hockey Pub is easily located from Strada Balcescu because of the great signs.



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