The Square Brasov logoWe first learned of The Square from a friend who wanted to go there in our first couple months in Brasov.  Unfortunately, we were turned away at the door.  The bar was full, so it was a one-out, one-in policy at the time we went.  That happens more frequently than not from what I’ve seen in my four trips there.  This is definitely a bar/club.  You can’t stop in for a coffee.

The reason that it fills up frequently is that it’s so small inside.  There’s usually nowhere to sit.  There’s a bench under the stairs (that’s not in the main bar area) where you can sit or you can sit on one of the few bar stools.  So besides those few options, it’s standing room only.  With so many people in such a small place it gets very hot downstairs.  There’s a coat check room where you can leave your coat in winter.  They have a lost and found in case you drink too much and leave something behind.  Judging from their lost and found posts on Facebook, that happens quite a bit.  One cool thing about this bar is that there’s a photographer that roams around snapping pictures of everyone.  If you follow their Facebook page you can see if you made it into any of the pictures.  He goes inside and outside, so you’re likely to get caught at some point even if you’re trying to avoid it.

The Square Brasov dancefloor and bar
This shows almost the entire interior. Not much room!

The terrace is huge and doubles as the smoking area year round.  There are a lot of tables and chairs.  It also fills up, so getting there earlier than the crowd can pay off with a place to sit for the evening.  It’s comfortable and keeps you out of the traffic which flows through fairly steadily.  There’s a parking area back behind Sushi Ya (at the end of tunnel) that gets a lot of traffic.

The Square Brasov terrace and smoking area
The Square terrace in summer. Really nice.

The seating area outside is well taken care of by workers coming around a lot for empties and full ash trays, so it stays quite clean.  Inside is clean as well, but the bathrooms could use more attention a lot of the time.  There’s a steady stream of customers and usually a line at the bathroom, so I don’t know how they could gain access to clean them more often.  It’s definitely a challenge for a smaller place with only two single stall bathrooms, one for men and one for women.

The Square is a great late night spot as long as you don’t arrive too late.  They have posted hours of 2000-0500 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Most people don’t show up until about 2300, and then it’s usually a stampede.  Everyone that works there speaks great English.  We’ve spent an evening with the owner and his wife and they’re very fun and friendly.  You can only use cash, but there’s an ATM right around the corner.  The prices are great and the crowd is younger, very friendly, and fun.  I would recommend checking out The Square for at least a drink and see if it’s your kind of crowd.

The Square Brasov Google map
The Square has an address on Piata Sfatului, but you can see it’s down a tunnel.


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