Trattorian Artisan Foods Brasov logoJust a few doors down from Dei Frati is Trattorian.  If I only had one piece of advice about this restaurant it would be this: Order the ribs!

Even though I’ve been to this restaurant six times, I have always ordered the ribs.  They are American style ribs and the best I’ve had since I moved here. They’re perfectly tender and the meat just falls right off the bone.  That doesn’t stop me from digging in and getting greasy 🙂  They come with homemade style fries that go great with the little skillet of barbeque sauce that comes with it as well.  Paired with a Stella Artois, this is possibly my favorite meal in Brasov.

The restaurant is quite large compared to most in the city.  We’ve never had to wait for a table.  The seating area can be a little bit of a maze with rooms off of rooms.  You have to walk through what seems like an old storefront to get to the actual restaurant.  It seems it would be more effective to use the area for seating, but I guess they’re doing well enough without extra chairs.

During the summer you can sit on the terrace, which is a pleasant experience.  I’ve sat with a dog on the terrace, but never tried inside.  So they’re somewhat pet friendly at least.  Next time I go; I will find out if pets are allowed inside.

Trattorian Artisan Foods Brasov summer terrace
Typical Trattorian summer day

I never noticed many lunch type options on the menu, but maybe that’s because I can’t see past the ribs 🙂 We’ve only gone there for dinner.  There’s usually a crowd, but it’s not overcrowded.  Even the smaller tables have enough room for comfort.

One of the issues with Trattorian is that since the entry room isn’t used for anything besides entry, it becomes a bit like a mud room.  People naturally have snow and ice on their shoes and the entry way can be a bit of a turn off in winter.  Otherwise the restaurant is nice and clean and it seems as if someone has recently cleaned the bathrooms each time I’ve gone.  But that’s from a guy’s perspective.  My wife says that the women’s room has been out of toilet paper nearly every time we’ve been there.  So she plans ahead and brings a pocket full of kleenex!

The waitress we’ve had most of the time speaks great English.  We had a waiter twice that wasn’t great at it.  That caused a bit of a miscommunication when we went with a friend that tried to swap a side dish.  The waiter just cancelled any side at all and my friend had nothing with his main dish.  So it seems kind of a crap shoot with speaking English. Trattorian Artisan Foods Brasov wine glass

If I could ever get over the ribs I could do a more in-depth review of this restaurant.  That they do one thing so amazing speaks well of them though.  There’s always a crowd, but it’s never full.  It’s a clean place once you’re to the restaurant part.  If you know a little Romanian, it can go a long way here.  We’ve always enjoyed Trattorian and look forward to our next trip!


Trattorian Artisan Foods Brasov Google map
Trattorian’s location. Right on Piata Enescu.


  1. I’ve never had the ribs because I can’t get past the shrimp dish! The prawns are in a pan with a lovely kind of bisque sauce and bread. The salads are good and so are the fries, lovingly planted in a flower pot. My friend loved the burger and loads of people rave abut the tiramisu. So it’s also good if you don’t eat ribs!

    • I’ll have to branch out one day and try something else. You definitely make the shrimp sound tempting. Maybe I’ll start by adding the tiramisu so I can keep up my rib addiction 🙂


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