Vibes Pub Brasov Romania LogoVibes is a new club on Strada Michael Weiss that’s only been open a couple of months.  We’ve visited a couple of times to check it out.  Each time we’ve been, it’s fairly empty.  They seem to be struggling to gain ground on other clubs in the area.  We think that could change with some minor fixes.

Unfortunately, once you open the door, you get hit in the nose with the sweet smell of mildew or mold.   It’s somewhat understandable since it’s an old basement, but it could be greatly improved.  Once we headed down the stairs, we had a good feeling about Vibes.  We liked the look and the lighting.  The seating is arranged nicely, leaving a large dance area for a smaller club.  There’s one seating area that’s kind of by itself and feels out of the action.  We didn’t want to sit there as that’s also the only route to the bathrooms.  There’s a DJ area next to the bar and the music was pretty good.  Once you adjust to the smell, you can actually try to enjoy the club.

Vibes Pub Brasov Romania Seating Area
Great sound system and comfortable seating area.

Vibes is very clean.  The white couches would show any stains and there’s nothing there yet.  The bathrooms are clean, but odd.  The toilet sits so high from the flooring.  I’m sure it’s necessary to accommodate plumbing, but it caught us off guard when we went in.

The people working there are very nice.  We quickly made friends with the bartender and the DJ.  The first time we went, they were the only other people in there.  It was a Friday night and we stayed until 1AM and no one ever showed up.  The second time we went It was about 1AM when we arrived and there were about 10 people in there.  I was stopped as I entered the club and some guy tried to charge me 10 Euros to get in.  I don’t even know if he works there.  It was strange, and I told the bartender and he said to ignore the guy, so we did.  I have since seen that they are trying to charge an entry fee of 10-15 lei to support the guest DJ’s they’re bringing in.

Vibes Pub Brasov Romania Seating Area 2
The view from in front of the DJ booth.

English is a little bit of an issue.  The bartender speaks fairly well, but gets confused at times, and it’s easier to speak Romanian with him.  I spoke with him quite a bit at the barely existent smoking area.  There’s nothing set up for smokers at street level, outside of an ashtray next to the door.  It’s not a very comfortable spot outside if you’re a smoker.

We like the vibes we get from Vibes, but there are problems that make a return visit unlikely.  The beer is overpriced.  Eight lei for a 330ml Tuborg is too much.  The smell is a huge turn off.  If they get the pricing right, it could turn out to be a good club.  They’ll never get enough people in the door to make it work if they don’t address the mildew/mold that is causing the smell.  I hope they address the issues, because it has great potential.

Vibes Pub Brasov Romania Google Map
Here’s where they’re located.


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